Wednesday, October 14, 2009

White Car

We very rarely take requests or review user submitted content, it's just not what we do. This really is just a personal space for Sean and I to share our interests. However, every once in awhile something really special shows up in our inbox that just has to be heard.

Which brings me to this wicked track supplied by Chicago's own self proclaimed industrial space funk outfit, White Car. With all the late 70's and 80's electronic revivals that have been well mined over the past decade, very few artists have explored the proto-industrial, early EBM sound quites as effectively as White Car. This band couldn't be out at a better time since it appears a new goth trend is about to influence "hipsters" everywhere.
Fitting in nicely with similar bands we've shared like Gatekeeper, //TENSE//, and Twisted Wires, White Car is a welcomed addition to the ARAWA family, especially this month as we celebrate the darker colors of the rainbow.
Keep an eye out for this group and if you're in Chicago for Halloween, be sure to see them live with Gatekeeper @ FUTURE

White Car - Not Right (Own Master)


Anonymous said...

do i need to put more EBM jams on wax? germany was the only place interested in it a few years ago when i did "count zero"


Unknown said...