Saturday, October 17, 2009

VC Childkraft’s Purgatorium

We put out another request out this year to our nearest and dearest for contributions to ARAWA's Halloween celebration. The feedback has been great so far. So, stay tuned. We've got alot of special things to share with you in the next 2 weeks.

This first entry is in the "better late than never" category. I asked for a mix last year and wasn't able to get one in time. Really excited he pulled through this year.

So a little background info. I've been mesmerized by VC Childcraft's content output over the past few years and felt like he needed to be seen by our readers. VC's a founding member of the Totally Wreck Production Institute along with our mutual bud, Ben Aqua, as well as being a Austin Public Access TV star on Everything in Heaven is TV. When VC's not immersed in video creation he creates fantastic aural tapestries like this mix he just shared. Perfectly suited for those chilling late night séances with your weird, dead friends.

VCC - Purgatorium
(playlist in comment section)


tommy boy said...

Brad Fiedel – Future Remembered
Visible – T.L.C.
Crass – Poem 12
Jean Michel Jarre – Music For Supermarkets Part 6
Doug Wood – Emotional Cue #5
Clan Of XymoX – Theme II
Crass – Poem 20
Beta Evers – Dry Tears
Fabio Frizzi – Zombi 2 (sequenza 2)
Cocteau Twins – Perhaps Some Other Aeon
Boards Of Canada – Nlogax
Japan – Burning Bridges
Doug Wood – Emotional Cue #2

jimma said...

love your guys' tracks. any chance for them becoming previewable in the future? thanks again for your work!

tommy boy said...

if you mean by "previewable" like a little flash player, I think not. We've discussed it before, but it's sort of a pain. For now the only preview is the opening in another tab option. However, we might get to it eventually. Just have to keep checking in to see ;)

Anonymous said...

If your using firefox you can use the addon foxytunes if you want to preview the music. It gives you a play button next to the mp3 link.

seandonson said...

Tommy! Can we make bumper stickers that say "I love my weird, dead friends"? I want one.

KeithP said...

anytime CT are on a playlist u can count me in