Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Fear

Wow, this takes me back. Back to a time when the burgeoning term"electronica" was applied to any new intelligent electronic dance music. Warp and Astrelwerks built their empires on releases like this track from ยต-Ziq. This "new" sound would give birth to countless subgenres that have thrived and died since this was released.Whenever I hear this song, vivid images of my youth flash through my mind with a hazy yellow-orange glare like the bleached out halo of light surrounding a setting sun as in late 70's films. I can't really say alot of other songs do that for me. Quite special really. Anyone else ever have that feeling from listening to music?

ยต-Ziq - The Fear

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Elon Mankin Katz said...

I do. Love that late 90's heyday epileptic music.