Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Negro Carcharhinus

Spectral Empire - Black Shark is now available for purchase on Thisisnotanexit Records. Our friends at 20JFG were kind enough to introduce me to this group and requested my video treatment for the single. After hearing this gorgeously dark, brooding instrumental piece I was immediately hooked. The song really has a wonderful cinematic feel to it, which fit easily with the video narrative. I was also aided with an intense storyline that the always amazing writers at 20JFG came up with to compliment this release. All I can say is, Spectral Empire was very specific with the details pertaining to the song. I hope my video does this story justice. Regardless, it was a blast to make. Please read the comment section for the backstory to this video. My work is intended to be the prequel to this saga. I'll leave you with this wicked tune. Enjoy the feature kids!

Spectral Empire - Black Shark

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Why So //TENSE//???

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing one of the best live shows I've seen in a long, long time. You might remember we posted about //TENSE// last year during our Halloween freakout period. I've been dying to see this guy in the flesh ever since and last weekend it finally happened. I'm really feeling this guy, his passion, his sound, so much so I felt compelled to throw together a little tribute video for his single, "Sin Realite". I'm so stoked for this video, shots were taken from the live performance and video feedback loops from my TV using the iPhone. Love bringing the high-tech to lo-tech approach. This video is a definite homage to classic EBM videos from Front 242, Klinik, and Cabaret Voltaire. My video, like the song, strives to honor this tradition by following in the aesthetic.

I asked //TENSE// to share some insight about his sound. His words:

//TENSE// is a vehicle created simply to voice my frustrations. My frustration with myself, feelings of inadequecy and frustration with the world. It's simply a platform to express my desires that go unspoken throughout my day to day life. At this point my goal is to have an actual lp out. I want something that can be added to the canon of great music that influenced me and shaped who I've become. Music has been the love of my life since I was old enough to press play on a recorder or flip an lp. My fantasy is to put out a 12" single on WaxTrax! Records. So I like to imagine that they still exist and will be calling me at any moment begging //TENSE// to give them some master tapes! Haha.

"Sin Realite"....is about my utter lack of emotion from day to day. We go to work every day, working for someone else, usually unhappy and completely unfulfilled. I've learned to just repress my anger and try to smile and go with the flow....all the while pictures of punching people in the face float through my head....Money and greed also play a role in what I do.

This project is NOT about any sort of financial gain, I truly just love doing what I do. If this ever feels like work then it's done. It's a shame to see music treated like a business by so many. Ugh.

I never learned to play an instrument and can't write music, so if I should die and someone had to read my notes for songs they'd be in trouble! //TENSE// IS me.

Mariana (MKF, Medio Mutante) was definitely a HUGE influence on everything so far and continues to be awesome during the live shows. Rich (Twisted Wires, Indian Jewelry) was also an integral part in the scheme. Lending me equipment and teaching me new tricks!

I think this sums it up perfectly. If ever an artist captured the heart of EBM, it'd be //TENSE//. I'm so proud of these Houston people too. In just one post I get to talk about Medio Mutante, Indian Jewelry, Twisted Wires, and //TENSE//. I'm telling you now, Texas is coming hard. Catch up if you've been missing out. There's good music here.

This single is from the MEMORY album on Desire Records. Enjoy the darkness kiddies

//TENSE// - Sin Realite