Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Negro Carcharhinus

Spectral Empire - Black Shark is now available for purchase on Thisisnotanexit Records. Our friends at 20JFG were kind enough to introduce me to this group and requested my video treatment for the single. After hearing this gorgeously dark, brooding instrumental piece I was immediately hooked. The song really has a wonderful cinematic feel to it, which fit easily with the video narrative. I was also aided with an intense storyline that the always amazing writers at 20JFG came up with to compliment this release. All I can say is, Spectral Empire was very specific with the details pertaining to the song. I hope my video does this story justice. Regardless, it was a blast to make. Please read the comment section for the backstory to this video. My work is intended to be the prequel to this saga. I'll leave you with this wicked tune. Enjoy the feature kids!

Spectral Empire - Black Shark


tommy boy said...

The video is a prequel to the events described below:

Shrouded in a thick grey mist somewhere in the Pacific Ocean sits the U.S. aircraft carrier, The Alexandria — her generators drained, her engines deathly still. The shattered windows of the deserted control island stare blankly across a deck peppered with burn marks striped across smoldering planes and corpses.
Her starboard side is cracked and twisted into jaggedly sharp dents and blackened metallic bruises, evidence of a disastrous
rendezvous with an unidentified submarine now lying wrecked and silent on the sea bed below. The subs nuclear payload seeps a poisonous miasma from the point of collision, drifting upwards with the seas current, bathing the Alexandria in a concentrated dose of lethal radiation.
Below deck the crew is in Hell, monstrously mutated both physically and mentally from exposure to the subs radioactive content. The scorched corridors and decimated mess halls act as a battleground for the maddened officers, their twisted forms withstanding the pain of the burning nuclear transformations, granting them the ability to fire beams of searing heat from their eyes and contorted fingers.
Back in Washington, The Alexandrias stationary radar position and complete lack of radio contact alerts the government. With an original scouting party butchered on arrival, now comes the first wave of a deadly military attack. As the mutinous battle spills out onto the top deck, the army desperately tries to reclaim The Alexandria before the hellish crew resigns it, and themselves, to a watery grave.

**************************************** ******
Diary excerpt of Private M.A. Pennington, dated 24-08-198x
(found on unidentified burnt remains in the main hangar)

Last night I finally made it to the second deck. My current position is in the Alexandrias parish.
I had hoped that it would remain untouched but even this holy place has been desecrated — to
my horror I found the remains of the pastor smeared across one of the pews.
It has taken me five days to get here from the engine rooms, traversing through the failed
barricades left by less fortunate survivors, hiding from the crew and what they have become. My
own blisters are growing in number and size, my vision is blurring, but I hope now I am above
the water level that I will have escaped the worst of it.
The crew are beyond help. My brief moments of rest are shattered by their strangled screams
echoing down the corridors as they fight one another with this terrible power they now possess.
Before breaking into the parish I was forced to use one of my last few bullets on Major Garcia,
shooting him in his left temple. His skin was ruptured and reddened and through his left
shoulder his bone was sticking straight out of a mound of welted flesh. His eyes were fixed
straight forward, bulging translucently pink and the texture seemed melted away, I assume as a
result of the beams. His front was soaked with the same black matter that Im now repeatedly
coughing up.
Now that Im above the sea level the natural light of day is beginning to creep in, so I will wait
until the cover of night to attempt reaching the elevator shaft to the hangar above. There I will be
able to commandeer an F-22. Its an ambitious escape, but I must break free of this living hell
before its too late.

butter team said...

damn bro. well done

anthony said...

Hello, you have an excellent blog!
Can you please post the 1982 version of "Lemonsweet" by Bagarre if you have it,
That would be great appreciated,
Thanks a lot
Anthony from Australia

mess said...

Dude, your killing me...

Do you have anything by "Poussez"?

Never see any of there stuff on line.
Found a 12" the other day in a £2 bin. Took it to the counter and the record in the sleeve was a Gabrielle track.


jaime said...

wow, wow, and wow.
and i really appreciate the written scene set up. super creepy.