Thursday, July 31, 2008

El Vinilo

Short-lived but incredible Spanish synth-pop/ new wave band, Betty Troupe lipsyncs MS20 and El Vinilo in front of kitschy rainbows and a strangely subdued crowd. If I need to explain why this is so awesome, you might be in the wrong place.

Betty Troupe- El Vinilo
Betty Troupe- MS20
and the third song on the El Vinilo 12"...
Betty Troupe- Berlin

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coming Apart

Only four posts this month? Excluding the 28 years that I didn't have the blog, thats definitely the record for least posts in a month. Somewhere between mending a broken heart and finding somewhere to live (with a dog) in San Francisco's fucked up housing climate (hint hint San Franciscans... who wants a roomie?) I just haven't been able to find much time to jump through the portal that leads back to this little safe place. I've got a lot of great music building up, both for posting and for listening so I'm going to attempt to get back here more often in coming weeks. Keyword in the last sentence, "attempt".

In the midst of all my madness I've become pretty obsessed with the twisted world of John Maus. A place alternately playful and downright creepy, crawling with sparkling synths, hissing tape and microphones, Cure-esque basslines, and crooning, hiccuping vocals sung from deep cavernous spaces, all repeated words and ominous phrases. This one's kind of my theme song as of late, where Maus exlaims "My whole worlds coming apart" and slowly, as the layers of synths pile up and fuse into an glittering, undulating mass, you start to realize that maybe that's not entirely a bad thing. Some walls need tearing down.

John Maus- My Whole World's Coming Apart

You can buy Love Is Real here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mr. D

ARAWA friend Alien Delon has lot o' stuff going on. He started a blog called Kefir 80s, which though unintelligible to the non Russian speaking person I've been loving hearing the kick ass rarities from Mr. D's vaults. AEROCCCP will be releasing a few tracks by his project U.R.A.N. on their upcoming compilation Future Sound of Russia and yes, he keeps raising the bar for himself, always churning out the awesomeness solo style.

Here's his first solo EP, an incredible electrobreakdanceitalohinrg mutant that goes by the name, The End of Hi-NRG.

Alien Delon- Next Plateau
Alien Delon- Night Delivery
Alien Delon- Breakdown
Alien Delon- The End of Hi-NRG

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Sun Goes Down

I was listening to Thin Lizzy on the way to work yesterday, turning to Phil Lynott again as I often do when in need of comfort and inspiration. Shortly before, I was sunning in a hot and breezy park, time slowly gliding by listening to those champions of the nu Balearic scene, Studio. So when this song (from the not-so-good 1983 album Thunder and Lightning) came on I thought somehow more Studio had slipped into the Thin Lizzy playlist in a wild Ipod freakout. But no. Thin Lizzy are just that fucking awesome. Miss you Phil.

Thin Lizzy- The Sun Goes Down

Apparently 1983 is ARAWA's year of the week. Weird.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Le Parisien

On my continued quest to escape reality I find myself today on a time traveling Concorde flight to Paris a la 1983. There I'll be meeting up with Italo producers Gim-Mix (who produced far too little considering his talents) and chanteuse Danielle Deneuve for cocktails and a little shopping for cutting edge French fashion (as seen above).

Gim-Mix- Le Parisien

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kiwi Bahamas

Its an oppressively hot and sticky day here in San Francisco. Couple that with oh-so-much turmoil around ARAWA headquarters these days and Mr. Donson happily switches into escapist mode. Click. Today I'll be taking an oh-so-kitcshy trip to the Bahamas (circa 1983) with my friend Gaell. Sure I've got to be back by five for work but I'll take what I can get.