Friday, December 28, 2007

Black Gold

So lavishly appointed, there are virtually no options.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Busy days people. Busy days. Sorry for the lack of quality postage but sometimes family, friends, food and fun come first. Wait, was that a McDonalds slogan?

Lets get back in the swing of things with Smiles. It's a little hard to figure these guys out. Two singles, both italo medleys from 1983, made with a different cast of players each time. Except for the mixer, Francesco Vaccari (producer of Mac Jr's Elephant Song). He mixes both singles. So it's the mixers project? That's so weird. Has that ever happened before (or after)? Not the producer, the writer but the mixer. Huh.

Apparently N. 1, 4/ Magnetic Dance is a cover of krautrock band P'cock's N. 1,4 (produced by Klaus Schulze!). I say apparently because I have yet to hear P'cock. I can't find it anywhere. Hint hint people.

Smiles- N.1,4/ Magnetic Dance

However, I know quite well that this is a medley of the theme of The Warriors, and John Carpenter's Attack from New York and The End from Assault on Precinct 13. Awesome spacey stuff.

Smiles- Pendulum (Space Version)

I know that you look at other blogs. It's okay. I'm comfortable with that. Well, Feldercarp cleanup is finished for the moment and Zartek has finally posted some new old music after a hiatus of (too) many light years. Scoop it up at the Awesome Hall of Fame.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

On Horseback

Winter's here. The holidays are here. I for one, am psyched. I love the crisp air, the smells, sitting by sources of intense heat, the taste of a fine beer while inhaling that pine tree scent. Ah. But the one thing I love more than all these things is Mike Oldfield's On Horseback.

Slipped in quietly at the end of his epic (aren't they all Mikey?) Ommadawn, On Horseback is inspired by Mike's horseback rides around Hergest Ridge with a few of the musicians from the Ommadawn sessions. Wow, thanks Wikipedia. I loved it regardless of season until my lovely lady said one day, "Well yeah its good, but its a Christmas song". Okay, maybe it's not technically a Christmas song, but at the very least its a winter song. I hear this softly played acoustic guitar, sparkling bells and chorus of children and can't help but feel the snow brush my face as my horse (big brown beasty!) guides me through still and glittering woods.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Don't let the cover fool you. This is just some sweet natured Belgian synthpop. It doesn't really want to hurt you.

Poptown Syndicate- Protection (Extended)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Going Dutch

On Thursday I woke up, had brunch with friends and was picked up by my girlfriend and her sister to go to Target. Honestly, I was pretty excited. I like Target. To my surprise, I was being kidnapped and taken to Amsterdam for my 30th birthday. Damn, no Target.
See you folks next week!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I Am Sure Sure

At one point in this little 1984 ditty, the male singer says through a thick accent, "If you come in my yellow house, I will be your little mouse". If that doesn't make you want to hear this song then I don't know what else will. Except maybe the super awesome production, catchy hooks and synth vibraphone action. You'll probably want to hear that too.

Radiators- I Am Sure

Monday, December 3, 2007

Light Is On

Remember Alien Delon? Our Russian friend so adept at crafting sad robot songs? Well, as I mentioned previously, hes also quite good at bringing his quirky italo influenced sound to the dance floor. "Light Is On" has been a popular number around my house for months, helping me through a number of especially difficult housecleanings and sleepy mornings, and it's time for you folk to share in the magic.