Saturday, March 31, 2007

The perfect soundtrack to your next bittersweet Jazzercise class.

Ercola feat. Annie- Follow Me (Lifelike Mix)

Another example of a finely polished turd.

The Young Punx- Rockall (Phonat Mix)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Kissy Sell Out has the power to make me enjoy songs I would normally hate. Add this to his list of polished turds (Gwen Stefani, Goodbooks, All Saints, Libertines). Some band NME loves (a sure sign of quality), The Dykeenies gets remixed with spectacular results. Kissy makes the most joyful bangers.

The Dykeenies- New Ideas (Kissy Sell Out's Crude Oasis)

The Whole 12 Inches Vol 1

I found this EP at the Salvation Army, battered bruised and lonely. The first track is thirteen minute tribal cosmic disco kind of affair, the second a pounding piano and horn hit kind of affair, the third a sprawling synth and piano Jean Michel Jarre type of affair, and the final track is a straight up cosmic roller. You need only see the cover to know what you're in for.
Quartz- Quartz
Quartz- Beyond the Clouds
Quartz- For Geromine
Quartz- Chaos

Definitely slept on this one for awhile, but the new Trans Am album, Sex Change, is one of their best yet. Equal parts electro, meandering krautrock, and wall of sound heavy riffage come together on one their most cohesive albums. With its motorik rhythms and acoustic guitar, this track sounds like Michael Rother reborn.

Trans Am- 4,738 Regrets

Portuguese band Loto was kind enough to send me a copy of their new single, Cuckoo Plan (w Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order!) today. However since my buddy Scot over at The Sky Report already wrote this one up for y'all, its only fair to point you over there.

Geek Post

Monday, March 26, 2007

So at the risk of being the outcast of the entire blogging community, here we go. I didn't like the Ed Banger party. There. They all rolled in drunk. Fine. They all decided to just trade off playin records, usually about two apiece. Lame. I don't know if this is the way they're doin it for this tour or what, but I'm not down. My hypothesis is: somebody (one of the dudes in Justice) got too wasted and couldn't play (unless he played after I left) and everybody just decided to trade off, disposing of the continuity and personal styles we would have got (I think) with 4 solo sets. It was just sloppy, I know thats part of their appeal but it just didnt work this time. I've heard mixes by most of these guys and I know they're better than what I heard on Saturday. At least I'll see who I was most excited about, Sebastian, twice this summer. Hey, but the hipsters loved it. Maybe I'm just too old to get it.

Thankfully the Booka Shade show the previous evening was fantastic.
They know how to put on a show for sure.

Heres another jam out of my record stacks. Off Demon's Lil Fuck EP in '99, this is before Oizo discovered square waves and started dissecting tracks into unrecognizable pieces. A liitle glitch and a lot of bass, Flat Beat style. Couldn't find this one anywhere else, so here ya go.

Mr Master was a one off pseudonym used by Carlo Favilli and Stefano Zito of BWH back in 1983. Beautiful rolling spacey italodisco very reminiscent of Alan Braxe, Fred Falke, Lifelike and Kris Menace. In fact Kris Menace sampled this track for his '06 track Voyage. Sampled is an understatement actually.

Mr Master- A Dog in the Night (Instrumental)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Goin to see my girl's fave, Booka Shade tonight. Psyched. Wish
they would play this, but they won't.

Dumb Dan- Booka Shade VS Corona

My boy hit Mike Jones hit up my gmail earlier...

Yo. When we were leavin Scores the other night I forgot to front you a copy of my new banger with Snoop and Bun B. Sorry we couldn't work your verse in. Maybe next time? Call me at
281-330-8004. I'd like to know what you think.
Yours Truly,
Mike Jones

Dude, I like it.
Mike Jones- My 64

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Two mixes are getting major play in ARAWA headquarters today.

Pop on over to These Rocks Pop for the Knish Hit Squad's "Kell-E's Trip To The Underground" mix. Rave classics, bmore, 80s, 90s, 00s, baile funk, whatever you like its on there, and not a played out track on the mix. Thats rare. That Denki Groove shit makes me wanna bust a choreographed dance. Dont know whats up with that. Ragga!

Then hit up One Day Later for Dj U Tern's old school/italo/disco mix, "Body Work". Definitely got myself an education with this one. Let the music play!

Heres a super sweet mashup/reedit/blend/whatever of Young Dro and Mylo's mix of Freeform Five by Krames. When he adds the break toward the end I get real excited. Probably old to many but new to me. Hot.

EDIT: Totally posted the wrong mix earlier, the longer one sans break. Y'all probably thought I was crazy. Got the right one up now.
Krames- Young Dro Vs Freeform Five

Tittsworth is my man when it comes to the bmore style. So much of that shit is just cutcutchopchop that you lose a lot of the melody and progression of the original songs. Tittsworth cuts and chops like the rest but always leaves room for his tracks to breathe. His latest ep also includes reworks of The Cars, Suzanne Vega and Lionel Richie's Easy (Sweet!). Anybody know the source material for this one? Cuz I don't.

Tittsworth- Brains

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back in the day, this was my shit. I loved this record so much I "borrowed" it from Mike B for like... 8 years. Its comin back soon man. Great little french house record, big bassline, excited people yelling and a break. Remember that? All those house tracks with big breaks underneath? That was also my shit. This is definitely not something to dance to in stilettos like the title would suggest but if you have to, please be careful.

Loop Tracers- Talons Aiguilles

I never would of thought I'd have two Bone Thugs posts on my blog. This remix is included on Bone Thugs Harmony & Copy, a collection of six remixes of Bone. The cd will be available at Copy's gigs or if you buy his new album Hair Guitar online at Audiodregs. Both discs are well worth checkin out.

DJ Copy- Ecstacy

Summer Jam Series Vol. 2

This track with its Kanye-esque pitched up sample of The Friends of Distinction's "Going in Circles" wants to cruise to the beach with the top down, grill hot dogs at the park and roll the strip with you on a hot night. Too bad you'll just listen to it on your computer then leave its ass at home.

Crime Mob- Circles

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

4 years old and this song still rocks me. Big drums and echoed bass give way to a looped cutup affair similar to that Thomas Bangalter edit of Dj Mehdi.

Le Dust Sucker- Mandate My Ass

Just started ripping some vinyl for everyones enjoyment. This track is from DJ Godfathers Whatchulookinat?? 12" back in '99. Its a well... mega mix of alot of your fave booty and ghettotech samples. So hot. Lemme know how the rip quality is, as I'm
not sure if Im doin it all correct yet.

DJ Godfather- Megga Mix

Friday, March 9, 2007

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I know this is totally coffeeshop house, but it rules. Arpeggios filtered throughout, big chimes and that fucking sproingy noise. God I love that sproingy noise.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Grab this then Modjo and The Knish Squad over at These Rocks Pop and you gotta hot set. I would love a 3 track blend. Any takers?

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Summer Jam Series Vol. 1

Fire up the grills, summers comin early this year. I just heard this for the first time about 15 minutes ago and my boo demanded I post this breezy vibe on the immediate. Get the candy red convertible out the garage, roll one up and just cruise. Damn.

Judging by this song (which I just found was already covered by Pitchfork. Damn them.) the new Battles record will be huge. With a pounding shuffle rhythm and a creepy singalong worthy of some jumproping on Elm Street this shit is awesome. Always loved their sound but the added vocals and strangely dancefloor ready groove really puts this one over the edge for me.

The Teenage Bad Girl album is a destroyer. Its definitely got the Ed Banger vibe goin but I cant help but think theres something more sinister goin on here. Cut up, glitched out madness and then sudden moments of soft beauty, kind of like in action movies where it goes slo mo before the bomb blows up. They drove a gleaming black bulldozer over all my favorite records and pasted them back together. Its a wonder it still plays. This track is one of my many faves. Probably the most bizarre track on the album, it starts off with a twisted musicbox melody and rips out the chugga chugga guitars, piercing liftoff synths and then just freaks out. Totally schizo. Franz Schubert would be proud. Not. Buy it people.

Oh my god! People are actually reading this shit!

LAs finest DJ Mike B upped a mix I did a couple years back on his blog Mike B VS Dickie G and dropped a heap of sweet lovin in the process. This is the man who changed me from someone who likes music into someone who LISTENS to it. Ive been musically geekin out with this guy for years. You should too. This blog would be very different if werent for my boy here. Mikes always droppin his hot live mixes, forgotten classics and other wonders from his treasure trove of vinyl. As a bonus, dude is hilarious. His Sade post destroys me. Really. Go read it.

Steven Surrender over at These Rocks Pop gave me some huge props too. Its a two way street man. If you havent been over in that neck of the woods yet, its about fuckin time. I dont know how this one got by me till today. Browsin through, I had to grab just about everything. Hot tracks, great writing. Scoop it up people.

To anybody else who might be reading, thanks. Its nice to be noticed.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Friday, March 2, 2007

The Fucking Champs are back in full force with VI. This is one of my faves on the album. At around the 2 minute mark it really takes off into a drunk drivin a convertible muscle car, hair flyin in the wind through Datona beach in greased up slow motion kinda vibe. So awesome. Check out my favorite 20JazzFunkGreats for the kickass The Loge. Yes guys. We know what it means to grow our hair long.
The Fucking Champs- Spring Break

Okay. So Mike Oldfield is known for Tubular Bells which was included in the Pure Moods compilation and was the theme to the Exorcist. Dont write the guy off though. Whos there for me every time I get stoned and clean my house? Mike Oldfield. Whos got my back when I need a 30 minute celtic/talkbox/guitarfreakout/choral jam? Yeah. Mike Oldfield. First off we got him and frequent collaborator Maggie Reilly doing Family Man, a song covered and popularized by Hall & Oates. I think this version holds up better with age that the Hall & Oates version. It rocks. Then from the same album we got the title track Five Miles Out. Talkbox, Maggie, squashed guitars and slow italo bass make a sweet combo. Then from Crises (sweet ass cover seen above) we got In High Places with Jon Anderson of Yes and Foreign Affair with more Maggie. Both songs a perfect soundtrack for your next voyage to the heavens.
Mike Oldfield- Family Man
Mike Oldfield- Five Miles Out
Mike Oldfield- In High Places

This is a direct response to a couple blogs that are pissing me off with all the cool shows and dj nights theyve got goin on that I cant go to. Im gonna have fun without yall. Ive got Justice, Sebastian, Booka Shade, Lo Fi FNK, New Young Pony Club, San Serac, Crystal Castles, Boyz Noize, Para One, Whitey, Junior Boys, Soulwax and LCD Soundsystem comin up and I dont even have to change locations. So there.

Bmore this, bmore that. I say bring back the booty. The Miami fuckin bass. Another era of bass test CDs. May this remake of a 2 Live Crew classic start the new trend.
Ludacris, Trick Daddy & Uncle Luke- Throw the D
Hey forget the sign. This is the clean mix but its all I can find.

I know this ones been out for a minute but it still gets repeats round these parts. Love those spacey drifting arpeggios in the breakdown.
Jona- Someone Put The Light On (Claude VonStroke Fry Like An Eagle Mix)