Friday, March 30, 2007

The Whole 12 Inches Vol 1

I found this EP at the Salvation Army, battered bruised and lonely. The first track is thirteen minute tribal cosmic disco kind of affair, the second a pounding piano and horn hit kind of affair, the third a sprawling synth and piano Jean Michel Jarre type of affair, and the final track is a straight up cosmic roller. You need only see the cover to know what you're in for.
Quartz- Quartz
Quartz- Beyond the Clouds
Quartz- For Geromine
Quartz- Chaos


Elwood said...

thanks! I have always been afraid to listen to this record. The cover is so creepy and incestuous.

tommy boy said...

man-o-man... so good. I just found this video while doing my Spanish TV DVD project, heard the song and tracked it down to this.

Here's the video I was talking about

I have an edit of that 13min scorcher I need to get to you as well. So good sean!! Jealous u have a vinyl copy