Monday, March 26, 2007

So at the risk of being the outcast of the entire blogging community, here we go. I didn't like the Ed Banger party. There. They all rolled in drunk. Fine. They all decided to just trade off playin records, usually about two apiece. Lame. I don't know if this is the way they're doin it for this tour or what, but I'm not down. My hypothesis is: somebody (one of the dudes in Justice) got too wasted and couldn't play (unless he played after I left) and everybody just decided to trade off, disposing of the continuity and personal styles we would have got (I think) with 4 solo sets. It was just sloppy, I know thats part of their appeal but it just didnt work this time. I've heard mixes by most of these guys and I know they're better than what I heard on Saturday. At least I'll see who I was most excited about, Sebastian, twice this summer. Hey, but the hipsters loved it. Maybe I'm just too old to get it.

Thankfully the Booka Shade show the previous evening was fantastic.
They know how to put on a show for sure.


Omar said...

that whole shit may implode on itself unless that Justice album is Discovery Pt. 2

Sean Donson said...


Mike B said...

that was actually me dude... somehow I was signed in as Omar who is crashing at the pad. The new Oizo shit I just posted re-instills a little faith, i must say.