Friday, April 10, 2009

Moon Illusions

SHOW CAVE NIGHT GALLERY presents a 25 minute journey into the mind's eye. MOON ILLUSION is new age, mysticism, satanism, black magick, white magick, time travel, space travel, aliens, singularity, mulder and scully, FBI, CIA, government conspiracy... featuring 2 videos by yours truly. If you like the trailer above, download the full movie in divx format here

SHOW CAVE NIGHT GALLERY presents Moon Illusion

Tittle Tattle

Another 1983 italo classic, this time from Baricentro. With just the right bass, one can be transported back in time to the Music Box, Funhouse, or Danceteria's golden years. Oh, what it must have been like to be there.... sigh. I can't tell if I like the instrumental or vocal version more. Either way, this track is sure to get you movin. See you on the dance floor.

Baricentro - Tittle Tattle (Vocal)
Baricentro - Tittle Tattle (Twice)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cool As Ice

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No, this isn't the theme song to Vanilla Ice's '91 movie opus, I just couldn't do that to you. At least, not yet.

Rather it's the much cooler '83 Factory Records release of 52nd Street's "Cool As Ice". I totally love this early 80s, basement sounding, british electro/r'n'b. This track also got special treatment from Jellybean Benitez, which makes it 'twice as nice'. The second single is a chill dub version of the original.

52nd Street - Cool As Ice
52nd Street - Twice As Nice

Live version of "Cool As Ice".

"Fly on the wall" short film shot in Factory's Strawberry Studio with New Order's Stephen Morris and engineer Chris Nagle recording 52nd Streets hit "Can't Afford"

and last but not least, the totally tuff video for "Can't Afford".