Monday, June 30, 2008

I Need a P.I.

This is driving me nuts. I'm pretty damn sure the Kano/Discopolis-esque synth line in this song has been sampled by someone of the Braxe/Lifelike/Menace variety. I've checked all the songs I have by these dudes and while there's tons of songs that come close to it, I just can't find the one. That's where you come in dear reader, help me out!

Island and Holiday- Living

Island and Holiday was a pseudonym used once by Davide Romani, also known as "the white guy from Change" and this is the awesome floaty italo-funk jam b-side to an pretty awful medley of In the Summertime and Love of the Common People he released in 1984.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Call My Name

Call my name huh? Wait a minute... is Lisa G. the true name of the Childlike Empress? We may never know, but this is a song truly worthy of an empress. Like a lovechild born of Enya and Valerie Dore's proud lineage, it's hazy, lush production sounds as if drifting through layers of silk and lace behind castle walls and I can't resist it's siren call.

Lisa G.- Call My Name

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Poker and I don't really mix. To me, it just conjures up images of dudes in bowling shirts and wrap around sunglasses, smoking cigars, listening to Sinatra and saying that things are "money". If the game was more like this 1982 Belgian synth-pop track it would have 100% less of the aforementioned and 100% more holographic, neon cards, skinny black ties and monochromatic jumpsuits.

Actually, we can keep the the cigars. I rather like those.

Karman- Poker

Monday, June 16, 2008

Pour Mes Amis Eskimo

I've gotten three email's today from folks who can't get their Excellent Snow on due to Divshare's temporary outage. So here's a direct link to the mix already. I gotta use all this bandwidth for something right?

seandonson- Excellent Snow (Pour Mes Amis Eskimo)

Visit L'iglootone for the tracklist and other otherworldly aural encounters.

Paradise Aplenty

Everyone ready for another taste of paradise? Today, Hail Social's already glittering track No Paradise (previously remixed to perfection by the man himself here) gets sparkled up for the summer by Valerie and Discodust favorite, Irish retrofuturisticsynthwizard Adeyhawke. Woozy and wonderful.

Hail Social- No Paradise (Adeyhawke Mix)

Be sure to check out the Hail Social blog for more remixes and mixtapes and here for the incredible Weird Tapes edit!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Merry Go Round

I just caught a moment of a Peruvian pan flute band playing on 16th and Mission here in San Francisco. What really struck me was how from half block away it sounded like this bizarre alien melody played on a cheap sine-wave synth but up close... three tiny little Peruvian dudes just jammin' out. Pan flutes rock.

Baccarat- Merry-Go-Round

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Girl From Space

This one's a bit more hi-nrg than I usually like to go. There's a certain chintzy-ness to hi-nrg that always turns me off, but I think this song fuses with enough of the italo, synth-pop and freestyle sound to really flesh it out. Besides that it's super catchy, anthemic and well, it's about girls from space. Who doesn't love that?

Emy-Six- The Girl From Space

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Owl Present

Connossieurs of bizarre and beautiful music, L'Iglootone asked me to do a mix for them and I was all like, "Totally". When I sent it over, they said it was a "chouette" present. So naturally as a non-French speaker I looked up chouette and found that it meant owl. Whaaa? Then I kept looking and found that it could also mean great. Oh. Okay. That makes much more sense, but I really like the term "owl present" too. Anyway cruise over yonder and grab my Excellent Snow mix and say hi to my Igloo friends. Hope y'all like it!

seandonson- Excellent Snow

Here's the first track on the mix, by Swiss nutcase and sometimes Yes keyboardist Patrick Moraz. I originally heard this song when TommyBoy posted this ridiculously awesome video on my myspace...

Vocoders+keytars+big poodle hair= Rad.

Patrick Moraz- Video Games (How Basic Can You Get)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here's Armand Duchien's one and only claim to fame, a spaced out piece of French synth-pop I never get tired of. Huge reverb drenched drums and synths abound with Armand popping up in the mix here and there with a bit of sing-song rap en francais. Headphones super recommended.

Armand Duchien- ( Compte A Rebours

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ride a Wild Horse

Dee Clark released his biggest hit, the classic soul oldie Raindrops in 1961 and despite releasing a few more tracks in the 60's, he never really reached that peak again. But Clark never gave up and he struck a small pot of gold in 1975 charting in the UK with this freewheelin' track. As Dee would say, when you fall off a wild horse, you've just gotta jump right back on and ride.

Dee Clark- Ride a Wild Horse

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hit Parade

My favorite blog written in Icelandic, B-Town Hit Parade had their second anniversary this week. To commemorate the event they're having people do some guest posts and I'm up first! Check it out and give our friends some love...

B- Town Hit Parade