Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Girl From Space

This one's a bit more hi-nrg than I usually like to go. There's a certain chintzy-ness to hi-nrg that always turns me off, but I think this song fuses with enough of the italo, synth-pop and freestyle sound to really flesh it out. Besides that it's super catchy, anthemic and well, it's about girls from space. Who doesn't love that?

Emy-Six- The Girl From Space


dhp said...

man--you've really been on a tear lately. thanks for the music man!

Zardoz's Body said...

Sean The Don keeps sonning the Blogoshpere!! You are Plutoing mad other blogs. My da made me see barbarella when I was just a young Lad. I've been thinking about nipples ever since. This post just increased the awesomeness of friday by like 98%. We all know how tough that is. Sorry for the long post. Just showing love.