Monday, June 30, 2008

I Need a P.I.

This is driving me nuts. I'm pretty damn sure the Kano/Discopolis-esque synth line in this song has been sampled by someone of the Braxe/Lifelike/Menace variety. I've checked all the songs I have by these dudes and while there's tons of songs that come close to it, I just can't find the one. That's where you come in dear reader, help me out!

Island and Holiday- Living

Island and Holiday was a pseudonym used once by Davide Romani, also known as "the white guy from Change" and this is the awesome floaty italo-funk jam b-side to an pretty awful medley of In the Summertime and Love of the Common People he released in 1984.


Anonymous said...

The slap bass kills and stings!!! Brilliant.

sasha k said...

sounds a lot like the new Disco Devil #3. maybe a match. but what do I know.

brian savage said...

1:03 in this track is pretty much a match to Kano - Another Life. well extremely similar note structure at least. never heard of these guys though, thanks for this posting this!!

matt said...

Sounds like Pineapples' "Come On Closer" to me: Thanks for this one.

okay_awright said...

reminds me of... Change :D
Excellent track! thanks for the discovery

seandonson said...

Brian, you're totally right. Its been in front of my face this whole time... I was only thinking of the part of the song that was sampled in Discopolis and not the part that sounds EXACTLY like this part. Then I fabricated this whole memory of this song being sampled by someone else in that vein. Man I'm crazy.

Thanks to all my PI's for your input!

dario.zg said...

...also a little sample of

Kano - Another Life is there... :-)

Bye & regards


GREAT track!

mrgroovelive said...

tnks to everibody i do this track many years ago and i lose the copy now i'm happy to bad