Monday, May 10, 2010

Texas Love 4 Vice

When Vice UK asked for a submission, I knew I had to share the sound that can only be found right here in my home state of Texas. I am fortunate to live in a place where so many of my peers are creating the kind of music I love. When most kids are worrying about how the grass is greener elsewhere, these bands are working hard to make where they are where they want to be. This mix is different: it is not vintage or obscure records emanating from some small corner of the globe, but rather all current Texas synth based projects covering multiple genres. Included is everything from Industrial EBM to Techno, Leftfield Disco to Electro, Deep House to Minimal Wave and even a little Screwgaze for good measure.

I am grateful to all groups who were so kind to contribute to this compilation; special thanks to Klearlight Studios for helping master the final mix as well as producing several of the bands in it. I’d also like to thank Answering Machine Records for their submissions as well as their continued output of quality Texas synth music. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for all my creative friends across this big state.

There is something sacred in the geometry connecting Houston, Austin, and Dallas - this love triangle that we’re all a part of. This mix is a testament to what friends and neighbors are capable of and it’s a fitting time capsule for this time and place. If there’s only one thing I can say about this mix, it’d be simply, “Don’t Mess with Texas”

The Texas Love Triangle mix by Tommyboy


1. George Quartz - “Coconut”
2. Phantastes - “Flight of Stares”
3. Darktown Strutters - “Silver Bullet”
4. Indian Jewelry - “Same Mistake Man”
5. Corporate Park - “Intimate Precision”
6. //TENSE// - “Versus Man (TX Love Remix 2010)”
7. Seth Nemec - “Count Zero”
8. Jake Schrock - “Trigon”
9. E.R.P. (aka Convextion) - “Frozen Volatiles”
10. DYX - “Lips in the Darkness (feat. Press-On)”
11. Submersible Machines - “Riding Theta Waves”
12. Missions - “Phantasy”
13. Medio Mutante - “Transit (Demo)”
14. MVSCLZ - “Fascination (Across The Nation)”
15. R9 - “Dreamdance”
16. edrupt - “M-U-S-I-K”
17. betdat - “Nex (Radio Edit)”
18. MKF K√úNST - “Venga (TX Love Remix 2010)”
19. Berliner Eins - “Nite Life”
20. Twisted Wires - “Hell”
21. Low Red Center - “Historic Edition”
22. S U R V I V E - “White Clouds”
23. Future Blondes - “NIGHT ANALYSIS (Oppenheimer Analysis “Behind the Shades” RMX)”
24. Psychic Violence - “U is Moon”
25. How I Quit Crack - “Gone Away”
26. xix - “1111(v7)”

Sunday, May 2, 2010


After reading about Walter Gibbons for a good hour I found out this track was his last hit mix. It tweaks in dark patterns, has all the repetitive big drum hits Gibbons is known for and simply glows in bad ass grooves. I found the instrumental version way ahead of its time. I think the track, period, is a beautiful mixture of early hip hop and dark wave.

Strafe - Set It Off (Instrumental)