Saturday, April 28, 2007

Concerts Are Rad

I just got home from seeing Soulwax at Mezzanine. Gnarly. I used to be a dancin machine, but overthe past 8 or 9 years developed this problem where I just cant dance in public situations. At home, I'll fuckin dance the shit out of the place but OUT... nah. Too hung up. However tonight joins my recent hall of fame. Other inductees include:

1. !!! three years ago. Hands over a beer over the head screamin yellin freakin out. Dudes got energy energy NRG. I see you Weinstein.

2. Modeselektor last year. Modeselektor played this crazy glitchedvocodedraved out dancehall set that ended up with them playing a song faster and faster until it sounded like happy hardcore. I love happy hardcore, so that ruled and there was this chick in heels that was so excited that she had her drink over her head throwing it on everyone and smacking me with her oversized purse and it didnt even bother me. In fact I liked it. Thats how rad that show was. ANYWAY...

All screechscreech build payoff, repeat. Amazing. Take old school rave ingredients, cross with contemporary production techniques and finish off by performing it all with the bombast of an arena rock band. Once again, Gnarly. My ears are making really weird sounds right now. Ouch.

ALSO... Muscles opened. We've all heard his stuff. It's good. See him live. As someone who makes electronic music I always wonder how to perform live without coming off like a total douche. Muscles is my new inspirato. Heartfelt, hilarious and often childlike lyrics over beats saluting housetechnohiphopeurocrapgrimesynthpopblahblahblah (he's eclectic. check his inspirato at the myspace), done with an irresistible stage presence. Shit was amazing. All alone on stage, he killed it. At only 22, with something like one(?) single under his belt he's ready to take the world by storm. I hope the world is ready. And hes really nice. Yay!

I was going to share my recipe for getting perfectly drunk for a show, which I absolutely nailed tonight, but after writing it out I felt like I had a "problem". So, fuck it.

Picked this up from the man himself tonight. Love it like I do, and grab his album (or single) whenever it drops.

Muscles- We Can Use Magic

Sorry. No editing tonight. Im a leetle teepsy.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Love Sick

I have nothing to say about this, except the bassline sounds really nice in my headphones.

Nufrequency- Love Sick (Mock & Toof Mix)

Bamboo Brainwave

Sorcerer has proved that trippy cosmic dudes don't have to come from Nordic countries. Good for him. He hails from across the bay from me in Oakland. His track, Surfing at Midnight is about to get lot of play thanks to Pitchfork and the fact that it fuckin rules. This is an older track of his that I've been listening to since he posted it on Dream Chimney (where he goes as SorcererChimney) in September of last year. A tune so breezy it could blow Christopher Cross over.

Chro me o. Woah oh.

Chromeos new album Fancy Footwork is on extra super repeat right now. Super fun, catchy, bouncy, retro yet forward thinking, I love it. Not a bad track on the album. My only gripe is there's a lot less talkbox than the first record. A small problem for most but hey, this is the guy that shed a few tears when Roger Troutman died. This is a random one to post, being that it is a little different sound from the boys and its probably the most ridiculous song on the album. Its like Chromeo meets Supertramp with a little interlude from Human After All era Daft Punk. A total novelty that will be stuck in your head for days.

Chromeo- Momma's Boy

Sunday, April 22, 2007



Friday, April 20, 2007

You Black Devil You

People of the dark cosmos unite. Bernard Fevre will soon grace us all with Black Devil Disco Club In Dub. All the tracks from "28 After" are dubbed and remixed to increase your galactic pleasures. Prins Thomas, In Flagranti, Unit 4, Quiet Village and Elitetechnique all put their skills to very good use. Anybody know anything about Black Mustang? I'm really liking their sound right about now.

Black Devil Disco Club- Constantly No Respect (The Phenomena of The Black Mustang Version)

Death Cult

I see a 12" single by the Death Cult in a random thrift store in Arizona, I can't pass it up. Interesting records rarely show their faces there. Turns out this is the phase of the Cult that lies between "Southern Death Cult" and good old she sells sanctuary (by the seashore) "The Cult". A little disco, goth and rock spiced with a touch of Gregorian-esque chanting. Yay!

Death Cult- God's Zoo (These Times)

Everybody in the Pooley!

Heres another rip from my crates. First heard it on Dj Sneak's Green Bush mixtape (1 or 2?), in '97 or '98 and fell in love. Those tapes were the shit. Quirky disco house selected for you to get stoned to. Such a good idea.

Ian Pooley presents Bluelite- Lite Juice
Relax audiophiles. Most of that record noise is supposed to be there.

Oh, and remember when everybody really liked the Pizzicato Five and Dimitri from Paris was playing in every restaurant ever? I do.

Ian Pooley- Venasque

Saturday, April 14, 2007

South American Sunsets

Azymuth's newish remastered/remixed two disc set is a breath of fresh tropical air. Breezy samba, funk, disco and jazz all living together in one little cabana. The remixes themselves are generally pretty whatever, but the originals sound fantastic still. This was their biggest hit back in 1975, a laidback gem with chimey keys, acoustic guitar and some soaring synth action. I also threw in one not included on the new disc, stolen shamelessly from Lovefingers and a little Riz Ortolani just cuz it sounds so perfect with Linha Do Horizonte.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Whats Happnin? What Jammin?

Feist Schmeist

Feist. Totally not my thing. However thanks to this and the Boys Noize mix of My Moon My Man, shes kind of my thing. Chromeo takes her little homage to Nina Simone out for ice cream and rollerskating. They have a lot of fun.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


If this doesn't make you smile, you's a mouthless muthafucka.

The Rock Steady Crew- Hey You (Instrumental Mix)

Let There Be Light. Again.

Watch out for Breakbot. He's got my full attention this morning after hearing this. Merging the French Touch of old with the glitchy bombast of the kids taking over Paris at the moment, hes my bet for next big thing. Check out his myspace for some more hot, hot tracks, specifically "Happy Rabbit". Damn.

Justice- Let There Be Light (Breakbot Remix)

Friday, April 6, 2007

I was about to post this when I saw that another blog beat me to the punch. But hey, what would the blogging community be without a little incest?

So Transexual from the upcoming Oizo Ep is hangin out, all like, "I'm pretty good, why should I try any harder? Everyone's just gonna listen to that crazy Patrick122 re-edit anyway." Then this guy Lorn comes up and he's all "Dude, you could be amazing but you're lazy. I'm totally gonna kick your ass." Then he does. Huge bottom end, tempo changes, choral vocals, melody, big, dark, bangin and beautiful. Check out his MYSPACE. All five tracks he's got up are really, really good.

Mr. Oizo- Transexual (Lorn Remix)

Knight Rider rules. You know it, I know it and Harry Thumann knows it. This song, released a year after Knight rider hit the airwaves in '82 (I had to look this up, I don't keep a log of tv show premiere dates in my head), builds on the bassline and rhythm of the show's theme, and then takes it skyward to places KIT could never drive to. A true prog/disco masterpiece. After hearing this song for the first time last week, I heard it included on Royksopp's Back to Mine mix (which by the way is WAY better than it should be). Cosmic coincidence man.

This ones growing on me. When I first heard about it, I freaked. VonStroke remixing Magic Fucking Carpet Ride?!? Claude is great in the way he crafts serious jams while retaining a great sense of humor in his tracks, so who better to bring in for this one? Unfortunately its little less fun than I was hoping for, but hey, it still bangs.

Mighty Dub Katz- Magic Carpet Ride (Claude VonStroke Mix)

Gotta put this one up too. Norman doing Norman in his hey. Still amazing in all its over the top latinacidskabreakbeat glory. Where has the old, good Norman gone?

Mighty Dub Katz- Magic Carpet Ride (Fatboy Slim's Latinskaacidbreakbeat Mix)