Saturday, April 28, 2007

Concerts Are Rad

I just got home from seeing Soulwax at Mezzanine. Gnarly. I used to be a dancin machine, but overthe past 8 or 9 years developed this problem where I just cant dance in public situations. At home, I'll fuckin dance the shit out of the place but OUT... nah. Too hung up. However tonight joins my recent hall of fame. Other inductees include:

1. !!! three years ago. Hands over a beer over the head screamin yellin freakin out. Dudes got energy energy NRG. I see you Weinstein.

2. Modeselektor last year. Modeselektor played this crazy glitchedvocodedraved out dancehall set that ended up with them playing a song faster and faster until it sounded like happy hardcore. I love happy hardcore, so that ruled and there was this chick in heels that was so excited that she had her drink over her head throwing it on everyone and smacking me with her oversized purse and it didnt even bother me. In fact I liked it. Thats how rad that show was. ANYWAY...

All screechscreech build payoff, repeat. Amazing. Take old school rave ingredients, cross with contemporary production techniques and finish off by performing it all with the bombast of an arena rock band. Once again, Gnarly. My ears are making really weird sounds right now. Ouch.

ALSO... Muscles opened. We've all heard his stuff. It's good. See him live. As someone who makes electronic music I always wonder how to perform live without coming off like a total douche. Muscles is my new inspirato. Heartfelt, hilarious and often childlike lyrics over beats saluting housetechnohiphopeurocrapgrimesynthpopblahblahblah (he's eclectic. check his inspirato at the myspace), done with an irresistible stage presence. Shit was amazing. All alone on stage, he killed it. At only 22, with something like one(?) single under his belt he's ready to take the world by storm. I hope the world is ready. And hes really nice. Yay!

I was going to share my recipe for getting perfectly drunk for a show, which I absolutely nailed tonight, but after writing it out I felt like I had a "problem". So, fuck it.

Picked this up from the man himself tonight. Love it like I do, and grab his album (or single) whenever it drops.

Muscles- We Can Use Magic

Sorry. No editing tonight. Im a leetle teepsy.


Scot said...

Best post yet...awesome!!!

seandonson said...

Thanks. From now on I'll only post when I'm wasted.

Jonny Bullshit said...

tipsy posts make me smile, great reporting! if you were always drunk you could prolly get a job at xlr8r .... (^_^)