Monday, May 7, 2007

Bounce Kick Twirl

This song makes me wanna dance like Molly Ringwald. Or with her. Whatever. I can't find any info on this band whatsoever but I can tell you that:
1. Its probably from around '81.
2. It sounds like a lot of early Depeche Mode before they got all sad. Speak & Spell in particular.
3. Echo & The Bunnymen have a song called Turquoise Days.
4. My girlfriend loves turquoise.
5. I love this song.

Turquoise Days- Grey Skies

1 comment:

Count Drugula said...

dude. yes.
you should totally download this ep by a french new wavey group called Braque off
(you'll have to go back several pages)

it's some fun shit.