Thursday, May 17, 2007

That was Rome not Paris. This is Paris and You're Drunk.

I love European Vacation. This reveals itself in moments like when driving in a tight curve or roundabout I might say something like, "Big Ben. Parliament. Big Ben. Parliament.". Dondolo's album Dondolisme reminds me of European Vacation.

Fans of his past releases will be a little shocked. Things that came to mind listening to him today were Serge Gainsbourg, Giorgio Moroder's Gina and Elvira's theme from Scarface, Falco (don't laugh. dudes got some hot shit), new wave, italo and well, European Vacation, which featured Plastic Bertrand, Alexander Robotnick and of course Dr. Johns "New Look". Really just combine those three and you've just about got it.

On another note he seems to be playing up his Frenchness ala Plastic Bertrand or every Frenchman in European Vacation. Maybe its just because I'm not French and can't understand it, but I can't shake the feeling that he's winking at me from behind that baguette. Anyway, it's a bizarre and really fun piece of work. Dondolisme. Not European Vacation.


Dondolo- L'amithomane
Dondolo- Le jour d'apr├Ęs


(thee) Mike B said...

New Looks is my shit!!! But don;t overlook the use of Powestation's "Some Like It Hot" int the Rusty World Tour scene.

Dance Armstrong said...

Chevy Chase is God. Totally dude.