Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Whole 12 Inches Vol 3

I'm not a big Front 242 fan so don't expect some big history lesson from someone in the know here. All I know is that I bought this record sometime in the late nineties and never really got tired of it. Three tracks of sweet arpeggiated synth bass, Kraftwerkesque bleeps and the disconnected analog warmth of early Depeche Mode. If you only walk out of here with one track today , Sample D is the one. Or Take One. Oh, just get em all.

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hec hec hec said...

pleeeeaaaseeee reupload this!

i want to tell you that this netplace is awesome, id been exploring the blog the whole day and can't get tired of all the stuff i've found here!

greetings from the lands of Chile