Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mt. Sexy Slow Jam

I don't know how much this ones gotten around the net already and I dont care. Braxe & Falke climbed and conquered Mt. Sexy Slow Jam and the people need to know. This was released in 2005 on some random compilation sometime after I discovered it during an intense Soulseek session. I sent it to Mike B shortly thereafter and he said "I want to have sex to this". Totally. Super slow, dreamy, packed with orgasmic synth thrusts and seamlessly intertwined talkbox guitar and vocals, it wants you to lay her down by the fire for a cybernetic lovecapade.

Alan Braxe & Fred Falke- You'll Stay In My Heart (feat. Savage)


(thee) Mike B said...

Greatest song ever made? Totally possible.

Kittenz said...

Hey Sean, nice blog dude - just discovered it today.

Pop in and say hi, if you want.

Charlie B

DJ KL said...

The track that Daft Punk should have made instead of completely losing their mojo (in my humble opinion). Gold.

seandonson said...

You tell em KL! Word!

U-Tern said...

Shit, this blog is fly!

Alan B & Fred = a good combination

I wish they put out more than 1 track a year.