Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Whole 12 Inches Vol 2

Ahh thrift stores. Most of them time you walk in, get your hands dirty, find something, buy it because the cover is weird, take it home and find out its total crap. We do it over and over because sometimes (I repeat: SOMETIMES) we find a gem. A couple weeks ago I picked this up. Normally I would not buy anything by a band called Saxophone (due to my general distaste of them) but this had ads for the Donna Laser Orchestra, Koto, Hipnosis and other awesome Italo groups on the back. Turns out its a sugary sweet Italo cover of OMD's already sugary sweet Souvenir. Score!

Saxophone- Souvenir
Saxophone- Souvenir (Instrumental)

and because I love you...

OMD- Souvenir

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that's a hot find