Sunday, May 20, 2007


With remixes galore, solo tracks and the Trilogyy EP coming soon, Lifelike and Kris Menace are definitely not running out of work anytime soon. Thats good for us. Might they be to 2007 what Braxe & Falke were to 2005 and 2006?

Demon's return to form was definitely not what I was hoping for but at least I got this one out of the deal. Lifelike does his usual bittersweet jazzercise (I know I'm repeating myself) routine and then adds a harder bits of distorted bass for a change.

Demon- Happy Therapy (Lifelike Mix)

Here Kris Menace does his thing to Roisin Murphy of Moloko's HOT new joint, Overpowered. The original is a diva'd out acid jam. Sweet sweet acid. The Kris Menace mix is well... Kris Menace. What can I say about these guys? You know exactly what its gonna sound like.

Roisin Murphy- Overpowered (Kris Menace Instrumental Mix)

I can't resist. Roisin, don't hate me.

Roisin Murphy- Overpowered (Radio Edit)


DJ KL said...

Hey thanks for stopping by the blog and for the link. The Roison links seem to be broken... wouldn't mind hearing the Menace mix.

seandonson said...

Theyre back up! Dont know what happened there.

(thee) Mike B said...

Roisin is a funny name.

But for real... in my opinion, Kris Menace and Lifelike are the future. Even though all they do is bite the past!

Davey Surrender said...

as long as braxe and falke are chilling away from their mixers, lifelike and KM are making my dinner.