Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yay for Fizgig!

Fuck speakers. Music sounds best on my headphones walking home from work. I work at a restaurant and spend hours listening to either, things I don't like, or things I like destroyed by an awful stereo. But the moment I step out the door things change. I've got about a 15 minute walk down quiet San Francisco streets with whatever tune I'd like holding my hand. My choice is usually left up to fate, or shuffle as its called on an Ipod. Sometimes that can be disastrous, track after track not meeting my listening criteria for the moment, often reaching home without hearing a whole song. Sometimes it gets it right away.

Tonight Fizgig (My girlfriend named the Ipod after the little creature in the Dark Crystal. She rules.) played this superjam re-edit by Prince Language. I don't know what its an edit of and Prince isn't giving up the secret. Starts off super funky, drops a little strings, a little Falco-esque rapping and then goes full Bollywood Disco Party. Awesome. Get the 12". Lee Douglas does a nice edit of Belle Epoque (same track that Mr. Flash samples on "Disco Dynamite") on the flip.

Prince Language- Yo Son

I love you Fizgig.


Scot said...

You rock.

seandonson said...

No you.

Anonymous said...

Discog sleuths report that the artist is "Ahmed Fakroun"

DJ KL said...

This is way sweet and very weird. And I have to say that Fizgig was the favourite animal of my childhood, except of course for the one and only ANIMAAAL!!

Tarek Alwan said...

The singer is Ahmed Faroun, he is a Libyan singer.
For more details please view this link

Anonymous said...

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