Friday, June 1, 2007

Summer Jam Series Vol. 4

I'd like everyone out there to think its always summer here on Planet Arawa. Our blissful days spent stretched out on enchanted beaches and playing slo mo volleyball with Maverick and the boys. But its not true. Cold winter (and spring. damn it.) winds blow, freezing our hearts and, and encouraging our inactivity. This better stop now. I haven't taken the top down on my cute little white Jetta for months. I'm kidding. I drive a Volvo.

Today my buddy Rot suggested I post a mix I did 3 years ago in hope of coaxing the God of Summer out of his dirty crawlspace (I'm paraphrasing). After quick consideration I was all, "Fuck yeah!". I excite easily.

Where I lived for the first 22 years of my life (Ojai represent!) I had MY STATION. The one I used to request Weird Al and Arrested Development on just so I could tape it, the first one programed into my car stereo when I got older, the one I knew all the djs names. Q104.7. People from the 805 area code know what I'm sayin. Not that it was a great station, but it was mine. By the late 90s they had morphed from Top 40 into a hip hop and rnb format and hired DJs to do mix shows and all that. Then DJ Wicked happened. He did the morning mix, the mid-day mix, weekends, I'm pretty sure he lived there. He played mostly freestyle, miami bass, cheesey dance shit and the odd disco track with all the sweet tricks, double records, beat juggling, scratching, but was always fluid and never intrusive. Hot.

Anyway long story short, after moving up here I missed the constant freestyle barrage and concocted a little digital mix tribute to Wicked, sans crazy dj tricks. Its mostly stuff he played all the time (no crate diggin here people. this is pop dance), stuff that I thought he should of played and tunes that just sound better when the sun is out. A few missteps here and there but I think you'll like it. Pump it in your Jeeps, Benzos and white convertible Jettas.


Cover Girls- Intro/Show Me
Mellow Man Ace- Mentirosa
Shannon- Let The Music Play
Nocera- Summertime Summertime
Noel- Silent Morning
Stevie B.- Spring Love
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam- I Wonder If I You Take You Home
Connie- Funky Little Beat
Expose- Point Of No Return
DMX Krew- Sound Of The Streets
Lil' Suzy- Take Me In Your Arms
Debbie Deb/Daft Punk/R Kelly- Oh Yeah! Weekend Booty!
Kraftwerk- The Telephone Call (Razormaid! Mix)
DJ Laz- Red Alert
La Rissa- I Do Both Jay & Jane
Angelina- Release Me
2 Live Crew- Hoochie Mama
DJ Laz- Mami El Negro
Inoj- Time After Time
Rockell- In A Dream
Diplo- Diplo Rhythm/Percao
Inoj- Love You Down
DMX Krew- Honey
LL Cool J- Goin Back To Cali
Jordan Knight- Give It To You (95 South Mix)
Do Or Die/Phoenicia- Smoke & Ride/Rhythm Box
Medasyn- The Battle
95 South- Wet & Wild (DJ Laz Mix)
Devin The Dude- I Hi
FannyPack- Pump That
Savage/Timmy T- Swing/One More Try


Count Drugula said...

Dude, this mix is a blast. The posts have been real $$$ lately.

seandonson said...

Thanks Drugs!

(thee) Mike B said...

Donson DJ mixes are far too rare. This shit bangs like porn star on viagra.

gagsMcgillacuts said...

finally the hot summer wonder beast has delivered!!!!!thank you so much... more more more!!!