Monday, June 11, 2007

Its Automatik

Automatic Lover warms my cold robotic heart. I love the Sylvia original (Zartek has this rare track available in great quality. Yay for Zartek!), the Dee D. Jackson and Jay Jay Johanson versions and now this. Maxie Devine and Veerus sample Automatic Lover (don't know which one) and transform it into a club jam that lives on the dangerous fine line between the Kris Menace/Lifelike sound and straight up progressive house.

Maxie Devine & Veerus- Automatik
Dee D. Jackson- Automatic Lover
Jay Jay Johanson- Automatic Lover

1 comment:

Blayne said...

Well, judging from the video we now know where the design for "Bender" came from. ;)