Sunday, June 24, 2007

Terrible Band Name

The digital postman delivered this treat for all the no vowel dance supergroup fans out there...

Hey Sean,
So, before MSTRKRFT came to be, Al-P was in a group called Girls Are Short and my friend ran the label they were on, called UpperClass Recordings. When Girls Are Short broke up, Al was supposed to make a solo record under the name Horny Emotion. It never happened, but he did give a couple of tracks he had worked on to my buddy. It's a shame that it was never finished, because as much as I like MSTRKRFT, I would have loved this record, especially that Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam remix.

Sweet. Adam rules.

Anyway, two of the tracks are definitely unfinished which is a damn shame. As the tracks are now, they just hint at the groovy filter house jams they could have been, but as Adam says, the cover of Lisa Lisa is pretty sweet.

Horny Emotion- I Wonder if I Take You Home
Horny Emotion- 44
Horny Emotion- Oceanic


P M X said...

hi just wanted to say i love you and i'm linking you up to my shizzlespot []

interested in the synthacon but more interested in all the other shits I've never heard of before. keep it up mans

Anonymous said...

Al P's disco Dj sets are pretty great!
It really is too bad he has teamed up with that other guy to make really trendy, flash in the pan, obvious electro poop.
MSTRKRFT are an unfortunate sonic casualty, IMO.

seandonson said...

Word. Yeah, I got super psyched on Easy Love and then they never really made another song I liked. Whatevs.

RiCHARD.GEAR said...

any chance of re upping theses tunes?? the lis lis one works, but the other two dont!!!

seandonson said...

All nice and reupped Richard. Enjoy your horny emotions.