Friday, June 8, 2007


As with most Italo records, I know next to nothing about this one, and theres precious little info about it out there. As far as I know Lama made only one other track ("Nineteen Ninety Three") in their short 1983-1983 run, which despite my best efforts, has not been found. If anybody has a copy of that one, HIT ME UP!

I was driving alone through the desert the first time I heard "Love on the Rocks" and couldn't help but rewind it multiple times to fully appreciate the other worldly atmosphere it created within my Volvo. Should I ever get the chance to float on a fluffy cloud, I've got my playlist all picked out.

Lama- Love on the Rocks


stan said...

Beautiful song. Like your blog a lot & will link to you.



seandonson said...

Sweet! Thanks Ride!