Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Whole 12 Inches Vol 4 (Do the Math Edition)

Voyage is awesome. Okay, half awesome. Both albums here are very similar, starting off with a nice floaty disco tune, and then go into a more tribal track (Kechak Fantasy an obvious reference to George Kranz's Din Daa Daa) and then an asian influenced jam. My fave of the two albums, Fly Away then has a tropical island/ luau track (which is soooweet) just to mix things up. Then the second side of both records is caca. Just bad cheesy disco garbage not worth ripping. So you just get the A sides. All the songs are seamlessly mixed and their trip around the world gimmick is a lot of fun, like a disco version of Its a Small World. Enjoy!

Marlin 1978

Voyage- Souvenirs
Voyage- Kechak Fantasy
Voyage- Eastern Trip
Voyage- Tahiti, Tahiti...

Marlin 1977

Voyage- From East to West
Voyage- Point Zero
Voyage- Orient Express


H.M.A. said...

you gotta like "let's fly away" for it's good time summer groove and it's chirpy synth line. right?

maybe not.

seandonson said...

Am I that transparent?