Friday, April 20, 2007

Everybody in the Pooley!

Heres another rip from my crates. First heard it on Dj Sneak's Green Bush mixtape (1 or 2?), in '97 or '98 and fell in love. Those tapes were the shit. Quirky disco house selected for you to get stoned to. Such a good idea.

Ian Pooley presents Bluelite- Lite Juice
Relax audiophiles. Most of that record noise is supposed to be there.

Oh, and remember when everybody really liked the Pizzicato Five and Dimitri from Paris was playing in every restaurant ever? I do.

Ian Pooley- Venasque

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Roger Niner said...

oh man i remember! i would be trying to eat at some fancy lounge restaurant with over priced drinks, and it's all "i am... a very stylish girl" non-stop! oh, and thanks for posting that freak phone commercial. i though for the longest time that was just some nightmare i had, but no w i remember seeing that commercial wedged between official network late night programming and that shitty "Firday the 13th" syndicated TV series.