Friday, April 6, 2007

I was about to post this when I saw that another blog beat me to the punch. But hey, what would the blogging community be without a little incest?

So Transexual from the upcoming Oizo Ep is hangin out, all like, "I'm pretty good, why should I try any harder? Everyone's just gonna listen to that crazy Patrick122 re-edit anyway." Then this guy Lorn comes up and he's all "Dude, you could be amazing but you're lazy. I'm totally gonna kick your ass." Then he does. Huge bottom end, tempo changes, choral vocals, melody, big, dark, bangin and beautiful. Check out his MYSPACE. All five tracks he's got up are really, really good.

Mr. Oizo- Transexual (Lorn Remix)

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Lorn said...

Really appreciate the review!