Friday, March 2, 2007

Okay. So Mike Oldfield is known for Tubular Bells which was included in the Pure Moods compilation and was the theme to the Exorcist. Dont write the guy off though. Whos there for me every time I get stoned and clean my house? Mike Oldfield. Whos got my back when I need a 30 minute celtic/talkbox/guitarfreakout/choral jam? Yeah. Mike Oldfield. First off we got him and frequent collaborator Maggie Reilly doing Family Man, a song covered and popularized by Hall & Oates. I think this version holds up better with age that the Hall & Oates version. It rocks. Then from the same album we got the title track Five Miles Out. Talkbox, Maggie, squashed guitars and slow italo bass make a sweet combo. Then from Crises (sweet ass cover seen above) we got In High Places with Jon Anderson of Yes and Foreign Affair with more Maggie. Both songs a perfect soundtrack for your next voyage to the heavens.
Mike Oldfield- Family Man
Mike Oldfield- Five Miles Out
Mike Oldfield- In High Places

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galen said...

i feel so at home when i hear these strange melodies...thank you...