Sunday, March 4, 2007

Oh my god! People are actually reading this shit!

LAs finest DJ Mike B upped a mix I did a couple years back on his blog Mike B VS Dickie G and dropped a heap of sweet lovin in the process. This is the man who changed me from someone who likes music into someone who LISTENS to it. Ive been musically geekin out with this guy for years. You should too. This blog would be very different if werent for my boy here. Mikes always droppin his hot live mixes, forgotten classics and other wonders from his treasure trove of vinyl. As a bonus, dude is hilarious. His Sade post destroys me. Really. Go read it.

Steven Surrender over at These Rocks Pop gave me some huge props too. Its a two way street man. If you havent been over in that neck of the woods yet, its about fuckin time. I dont know how this one got by me till today. Browsin through, I had to grab just about everything. Hot tracks, great writing. Scoop it up people.

To anybody else who might be reading, thanks. Its nice to be noticed.

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(thee) Mike B said...

just saw this!! thanks bro. and yes...theserockspop is the spot! They're posts are super on point.