Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coming Apart

Only four posts this month? Excluding the 28 years that I didn't have the blog, thats definitely the record for least posts in a month. Somewhere between mending a broken heart and finding somewhere to live (with a dog) in San Francisco's fucked up housing climate (hint hint San Franciscans... who wants a roomie?) I just haven't been able to find much time to jump through the portal that leads back to this little safe place. I've got a lot of great music building up, both for posting and for listening so I'm going to attempt to get back here more often in coming weeks. Keyword in the last sentence, "attempt".

In the midst of all my madness I've become pretty obsessed with the twisted world of John Maus. A place alternately playful and downright creepy, crawling with sparkling synths, hissing tape and microphones, Cure-esque basslines, and crooning, hiccuping vocals sung from deep cavernous spaces, all repeated words and ominous phrases. This one's kind of my theme song as of late, where Maus exlaims "My whole worlds coming apart" and slowly, as the layers of synths pile up and fuse into an glittering, undulating mass, you start to realize that maybe that's not entirely a bad thing. Some walls need tearing down.

John Maus- My Whole World's Coming Apart

You can buy Love Is Real here.


Anonymous said...

well they've been some fantastic posts... this song rules so hard, and although your world may be coming apart, i'm sure it will all be put back together in an even better way... even if you don't get the opportunity to vote for the george w. bush sever plant in november :)

Anonymous said...

sewer plant*

Zardoz's Body said...

Dude!! Keep the faith! I'm sure everything will be cool! Thanks for hooking up the tunes as always! This post made my day cause its My B-day and I've been checking for some new arawa!! Thanks! and in spirit of that never ending story themed post :"Fight against the sadness!!"

seandonson said...

Thanks for being there in my battle against "the sadness" guys. Sometimes a little support is all you need and I'm glad a little music can make a connection between us all.

Happy birthday Matthew!! Did you get everything you wanted?

And yeah, that plant better go through to the ballot. I already signed the petition and everything, its just too good.


Stay strong dude! There's always real cool, often unknown treats on ARAWA. That's refreshing in the over saturated blog world itsself.

dhp said...

the heart can be a lonely hunter, my friend. just know that you've sprinkled some anonymous souls with some of that stardust that HDT speaks of--and that you will most assuredly connect with that rainbow again.