Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mr. D

ARAWA friend Alien Delon has lot o' stuff going on. He started a blog called Kefir 80s, which though unintelligible to the non Russian speaking person I've been loving hearing the kick ass rarities from Mr. D's vaults. AEROCCCP will be releasing a few tracks by his project U.R.A.N. on their upcoming compilation Future Sound of Russia and yes, he keeps raising the bar for himself, always churning out the awesomeness solo style.

Here's his first solo EP, an incredible electrobreakdanceitalohinrg mutant that goes by the name, The End of Hi-NRG.

Alien Delon- Next Plateau
Alien Delon- Night Delivery
Alien Delon- Breakdown
Alien Delon- The End of Hi-NRG

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Anonymous said...

rad little ep... thanks for posting