Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Sun Goes Down

I was listening to Thin Lizzy on the way to work yesterday, turning to Phil Lynott again as I often do when in need of comfort and inspiration. Shortly before, I was sunning in a hot and breezy park, time slowly gliding by listening to those champions of the nu Balearic scene, Studio. So when this song (from the not-so-good 1983 album Thunder and Lightning) came on I thought somehow more Studio had slipped into the Thin Lizzy playlist in a wild Ipod freakout. But no. Thin Lizzy are just that fucking awesome. Miss you Phil.

Thin Lizzy- The Sun Goes Down

Apparently 1983 is ARAWA's year of the week. Weird.


Anonymous said...

Never delved into later Lizzy, but this track is great. Thanks!

krilli said...

Dear sir,

I Love Yr Blog
("Larv", as the Germans say.)

From this love springs a recommendation, warm and enthusiastic recommendation:

She's an Indian Princess and she's smoking.