Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Knife

Bobby O's fingers seem to be all over ARAWA's Halloween celebration this year. One-Two-Three's 1983 track featuring Tony Caso (of Waterfront Home) is one of my Bobby O favorites, simultaneously off and creepy while being over the top and tongue in cheek at the same time. Kinda like most of my favorite horror movies I guess. The video up there really captures the vibe perfectly, a blurry corpse lain under a white sheet, piano key ties, pink mini-blinds and cold, cold stares.

"Say I was the only one,
say it say it,
let me hear it from the whores mouth."


One-Two-Three- Another Knife in My Back


georgie said...

Tongue-in-cheek? I don't know. Seems like an earnest, though failed attempt at the avant-garde to me. I'm pretty sure that song came from a very personal and bitter place in someone's heart and the high-art retelling of that betrayal was taken very seriously - which makes it all the more entertaining.


Unknown said...

I wish Bobby O's fingers were all over me. Man, thank you Arawa. Long live the Bobby O!

the saucer people said...

I feel like some cheap comment whore..having splurged words over the last post..could not pass by without agreeing with the magnificence of this Bobby O classic...the lyrics are sublime...on par with Claudio Simonetti's Fear single...(you know the one 'scaredy cat...scaredy cat'..the whole gestalt of this tune is sleaze to the Nth degree...we love it..