Saturday, October 31, 2009

As Seen Through Owl Eyes Pt.3

Now on all hallows eve, we check back in with our friend owleyes for the third and final time this season, starting off with the scariest of them all... Christian scare films!

In the words of the owl, "Programmed fire and brimstone! Dont they know God is LOVE? NOT FEAR? This is the REAL horror! FEAR & HATE!"

A Thief in the Night

Thou Shalt Not Kill

The Burning Hell by Estus Pirkle

Left Behind Trailer

Estus Pirkle is selling real estate in Heaven! Does this excite you?


Four horror gods...
Vincent Price

Christopher Lee

Boris Karloff

Peter Cushing


Sucker for Your Love

Bath in a Casket with Morgan Freeman

Horror in Apartment 24

Thanks to the owl for all these amazing flicks! Grab owleyes' brand new print here. Ees super cool.


Anonymous said...

c'est quand même moins casse couilles que Blacula

je vous souhaite juste un bon week car les citrouilles c'est pas très européen

nary guman said...

i love you for this, arawa.