Friday, October 9, 2009

The Name of the Rose

Have you seen this already?

"A murder mystery set in a fourteenth century monastery starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater. The story combines a love of pop detective fiction like Sherlock Holmes, with a rigorous interest in mid-evil monastic ritual, philosophy, esoterica, and politics.A young monk is killed, and before the Inquisition is summoned, Sean Connery is given a chance to crack case as a wise but contentious monk, who uses early scientific method and deduction to reason out a case most are ready to claim as the work of the devil." (imdb)

A truly unique cinema thriller, The Name of the Rose is one of my all time favorites. Highly recommended October viewing.

Better yet, flip on the movie, hit mute, and jam this killer EBM track by Psyche. Perfect soundtrack music for Gothic Horror if you ask me.

Psyche - The Saint Became a Lush


Anonymous said...

I suggest you to read Umberto Ecco, if you have the time between your "wife", your children and your TV programs

Anonymous said...

this is not only bear's communist freak frustrations, this is their "small", not the iron one, the red one, but everything I told was so incredible ...

Zardoz's Body said...

Yea this is a heavy movie suppossedly a great read as well although Umberto can be daunting to read. Killer Movie thoug. Slater was pimpin even as a monk.