Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Welcome to Santa Carla

For me, vampire movies don't get any better than this. Sorry Twilight fans but The Lost Boys is the ultimate. Straight up. I think I'm gonna get Santa Carla tattooed across my back in old english just to prove my immortal love for this movie. A coming of age/punk rock vampire/boardwalk/comedy/action movie with two Coreys, Kiefer, Bill S. Preston ESQ and Dianne Wiest?! Really?! And the soundtrack? Over the top montage rock, sexy saxes and church organs. So awesome. My mom had the tape when I was a kid and I loooooved it. Still do. Next year's costume, Michael and Star okay Vans?

Gerard McMann- Cry, Little Sister (Theme from The Lost Boys)
Mummy Calls- Beauty Has Her Way
Lou Gramm- Lost in the Shadows
and of course the fucking man, Tim Cappello...

Tim Cappello- I Still Believe

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