Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Diary of a Madman

When I first heard Gravediggaz' Six Feet Deep it was love at first listen. It turned my drug addled mind back to hip hop for the first time in years. At the time I think The Misfits were the top of listening food chain and this album was just the gateway drug I needed to embrace hip hop again after forsaking it for so long. Sure it has stellar production by RZA and Prince Paul but it was probably the subject matter that immediately grabbed my attention, demonic possession, bad trips, suicide, murder were all just right for my tastes. Oh Horrorcore, you could have been fun but you crashed and burned so quickly. RIP.

Gravediggaz- Diary of a Madman
Gravediggaz- 1-800-SUICIDE


megan said...

very well written!

Mike Bingaman said...

I always thought of horrorcore (at least as far as Gravediggaz go) as sort of a reaction to the "gangsta" aesthetic. At the time there was a lot of controversy about rap and whether it was promoting violence, etc. and Gravediggaz were able to take it to such an extreme that it was so obviously art and storytelling and almost filmic - it was GENRE, and was really clearly demarcating that *this is horror*, which made me think about rap a bit differently as well. They have been movie genres for the entire history of film - the gangster movie and the horror movie...anyway, there is a track on the european version of 6 feet deep which is worth checking out: Pass the Shovel.