Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Seriously. How am I supposed to keep up with Tommy? He's totally wired for this. Since we've still never met I can imagine that Tommy is not completely unlike Mr. Horace Pinker up there. Slipping in and out of electrical currents and radio waves and emerging on the other side with a smile and fistfuls of flickering gifs and bizarre mp3s, as opposed to the scowl and various instruments of death wielded by Mr. Pinker of course.

Never seen Wes Craven's Shocker?! Do it! It sucks! Bad jokes, bad acting, bad metal soundtrack. Perfect popcorn flick. One of my fave crappy horror movies as a kid and possibly a subconscious inspiration for the ARAWA logo.

And here's something to listen to while getting the popcorn ready. Professor Lacroix's down and dirty 2008 single, Shockwaves.

Professor Lacroix- Shockwaves


Unknown said...

Hey hey, for some reason I only got a minute or so of the Peter Richard track posted below....but damn, I LOVE ARAWA! Thank you for all this goodness.

seandonson said...

Give it another download, its working. I just checked. You're d'l probably got cut off in the middle.

Glad you're enjoying the celebration!

w said...

Oh my god! Its SHOCKER! I just convinced my mother to buy it for me on DVD after i've seen it like three times in the last month on the greatest german tv channel TELE 5. TED RAIMI IS IN IT! HE IS PACMAN! LOVE HIM LOVE SEAQUEST FOREVER!