Monday, October 5, 2009

Skin Deep

I love this classic 1984 New Wave hit from The Strangler's.
It reminds me of 80's teen movies with prom scenes. You know, the kind of movie where all the kids sort of forget their differences and bond on the dance floor. Until this fleeting moment of high school bliss is shattered when some jerk pours a bucket of blood all over the sweet, shy girl and all hell breaks loose. Gotta hate it when that happens.

On a totally different subject, I wish I had a shirt with a skeleton chest print, like Nigel's in Spinal Tap. (FYI - I wear a large ;)

The Stranglers - Skin Deep (12"mix)


the saucer people said...

One of my favourite Strangler's 12 Inch Mixes along with the mixes of Always The Sun & Nice in Nice (have them all in the unlikely event you don't & happy to post)....It did have a similar production aesthetic as 'Pretty In Pink' (why oh fucking why did they choose that at the end of Breakfast Club and not some American cheese..I loved that song until the whole fucking world started singing along)
Actually I can even say this is one of my favourite Stranglers songs period... along with their inspired cover of Walk On By and Nuclear Device & No More Heroes..and..and....Out of all the bands on the periphery of the 'punk scene' I think the Stranglers, sonically at least, benefited from that 'exclusion' the time they were a little older and a little more wise to the coporate music games than their younger contempories such as The Clash who got screwed financially (doesn't everyone)
Great choice!

tommy boy said...

Well said sir. Wish i had picked your brain when I wrote this. Very well written and my sentiments exactly. Their cover of "Walk On By" gets me every time. Thanks for sharing your comments with us. It's a real pleasure to read and made us feel all warm inside. Keep 'em coming!