Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Danse Macabre

I knew I wanted a straight up, no reservations, hardcore goth-ebm-industrial mix for our Halloween celebration. Only one DJ came to mind when looking for said mix. Keith P delivered. Highly sought after Texas DJ, blogger, and member of the always hard hitting Unit One crew, Keith's die hard passion for all things dead and re-buried are evident in this relentless mix. I could continue describing it for you, but the image above says it all. Have fun getting dead.

Keith P - Danse Macabre Pt2
(playlist in comment section)


tommy boy said...


1.Siouxsie and The Banshees-Halloween
2.Twisted Nerve-Medusa
3.Clair Obscur-Toundra
4.Skeletal Family-She Cries Alone
5.Xmal Deutschland-Qual(12" Rmx)
6.Bauhaus-Bela Lugosi's Dead
8.Alien Sex Fiend-Dead and Re-Buried
9.A Place to Bury Strangers-To Fix The Gash In Your Head
10.Red Lorry Yellow Lorry-Spinning Round-(12" Crash Mix)
11.The Comateens-Munsters Theme
12.Ministry-I'm Falling(1980 Alternate Mix)
13.Neon-Information of Death
14.Opera De Nuit-L'appel Du Froid
15.45 Grave-Evil
16.The Horrors-Jack The Ripper

Anonymous said...

I think I'll make an edit with Art of Noise names Schizophrenia (I love your choice)

Ninja.1 said...

So good!

Z said...

damn. been killin it all month

Anonymous said...

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