Sunday, October 25, 2009

As Seen Through Owl Eyes Pt.2

Once again owleyes takes over ARAWA airwaves with his insidious Youtube attack...


"Keeping now to the more traditional spooktacular visions, lets journey to an old love of mine, the "golden-age" of TV terror, (1969-1983), and of course the one that started it all.

Intro to Rod Serling's Night Gallery

And some of the numerous clones...

Tales From the Darkside


Tales of the Unexpected (American)

Tales of the Unexpected (British)

70's TV Movie, The Stranger Within

70's TV Movie, A taste of Evil

THIS SERIES IS PURE MAGIC FOR ME! An indie film studio in the 1970's made the world of the occult hugely popular, even getting William Shatner, Orson Welles, Rod Serling and Leonard Nimoy (just to name a few) to narrate .

The Amazing World of Psychic Phenomena (1976)

Mysteries of the Gods

Beyond Deaths Door

To be continued...


immortalmortal said...

Yes its true, i did a youtube bomb!
thanks arawa
astraly yours

Anonymous said...

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