Monday, October 5, 2009

Gatekeeper II

You might remember we shared Chicago's Gatekeeper with you last Halloween. Well, they're back with more hi-energy, Carpenter-esque horror disco with artwork by Mr. Donson and a video by yours truly. Kompakt's Jon Berry was kind enough to include us on this project for his new label, Fright Records. "GATEKEEPER - Optimus Maximus" will be the first entry for this up and coming label with a release date set for October 26th. Couldn't ask for a better time to release this slasher classic. Expect Fright to keep killing it!!!

Gatekeeper - Optimus Maximus


the saucer people said...

A sublime colliding of image & music. Gatekeeper are without doubt one of the most interesting artists in the intersection between horror-disco and seventies prog stomping kick drum & arcane keyboard wizardry. Along with Chrome Hoof & Steve Moore & his various off-shoots, there are very few contemporary contenders, infact you have to go back to Yan Tregger & Goblin for the serious horror-prog-disco-kosmische melodies...
The sepia soaked visuals fit perfectly with this track and drwa upon a similar mosaic of influences; seventies Hammer Horror's 'adaptions' of Dennis Wheatley's novels spliced with straight to VHS eighties sleazoid horror. Liquify this with more than a nod to Kenneth Anger's uber-cult classic 'Invocation Of My Dream Brother' and you have the perfect backdrop to soak up the sonic beauty of Gatekeeper.
Really looking forward to hearing more releases on Fright Records..Happy Samahin horror fiends and fiendesses

tommy boy said...

Man, you absolutely nailed it on the head! I'm sure Fright records and Gatekeeper would love this little blurb. Again, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us. It's really awesome to hear from someone who "gets it", and you definitely do.

Anonymous said...

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