Saturday, October 10, 2009

Terror Vision

Ah, yes, TV the way it used to be. I keep wishing horror hosts would make a comeback to television programming. I trusted those awkward, dejected thespians to keep me awake at night with banal stories of horror and malice. More time spent watching the unwatchable than I care to remember and I still crave more.

Where is this generation's Elvira or Joe Bob Briggs? What does it mean to have a culture raised on infomercials instead of late night horror programming? Will there be horror movies in the future with killer Snuggie Cults wielding Shamwows laced with broken glass and Oxyclean? Would you stay up late on a Saturday night to watch it? I would!!!


Anonymous said...

Man oh man,
you took me back to my early years watching Creature Feature (and Double) on Saturdays here in MA.
It's to bad that there are no more horror host or horror theme TV shows like in the late 70's and '80's, I even enjoyed Elvira if even for only the boob factor.
There is a new horror theme show here on local cable "Retro TV"( called "Midnight Monster Hop" with the worst hosts ever conceived and the videos seem to be 5th generation copies.

But the one thing I wanted to point out is the theme music for Creature Feature was "Toccata" by Emerson, Lake & Palmer's from Brain Salad Surgery.
I'm DL it now so i can check it out.


Marshall Caruthers said...

i loved dr. paul bearer, just posted on him recently as well, are any hosts still on the air i wonder? speaking of infomercials, i will say though that i used to love the infomercial series with the british guy in the red bow tie and the host in his cosby sweater. what was that called, amazing discoveries?