Monday, October 5, 2009

Greek Horror

Big Budget Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror flicks with tons of special effects tend to aggravate my nostalgic sensibilities. I remember fondly the art of stop motion animation and how it was all I needed to let my imagination run wild. The world of cinema before CGI was dominated by one man, Ray Harryhausen, the most prolific and influential model animator of the 20th century. His films have been my saving grace and escape from the bombardment of unnecessary, over-the-top computer generated extravaganzas. I especially love his focus on Greek mythology in films like Clash of the Titans and Jason and The Argonauts. No one has treated the classics of Western literature with the same level of craft and admiration as Harryhausen.

Speaking of Mediterranean influences, there's nothing tragic about this 1982 track from the Greek New Wave/Post Punk group Magic De Spell

Magic De Spell - Nightmare


Unknown said...

Childhood favorite. Thank you. Now I need to Netflix these.

Jaime said...

I'd like to give a general SHOUT OUT to all the work and ghoulish love you guys put into this seasons' scary arawa.... thanks for waking me up at night, in a cold sweat, scared to go to the bathroom, thanks a lot.

seandonson said...

Tommy. Im sorry to say, but they're remaking Clash of the Titans. Ugh.