Sunday, October 18, 2009

As Seen Through Owl Eyes Pt.1

As you know by now, Tommy and I have sent ARAWA's tentacles out searching for treats to fill all of your cyberpillowcases and they are still retracting back home, goodies in tow. Submitted for your pleasure, one owleyes.

By now dear reader, you must have noticed a certain aesthetic that Tommy and I adhere to, even revere to. owleyes shares our twisted vision (and love for lower case lettered names ;) and pushes it even farther with his collage work, alluring, hypnotic and beautiful as a kaleidoscopic nightmare. Last year he brought us Bollywood Thriller, Groovy Ghoulies and drugged zombie teens and more, so we knew he'd have plenty of demented gems to share this year as well. We were so right. He sent so much we had to split em up. Welcome to part one.

"Hello boils & ghouls! Its your astral purveyor of the not quite nocturnal, the slapstick supernatural and the obscure spectral anomalies.

The Halloween season is my favorite for the obvious reasons, but while the old schlock will no doubt be the main "visual front" as usual, i have decided to focus not on the same old cheap thrills of buckets of 80's blood & neon apparitions but turned more to the "feel" of the season. What makes Halloween for me is the idea that the veil will be dropped just a bit more than the rest of the year. So suit up in our astral gear and travel through the corridors of dreams or nightmares.

I have always been drawn to the strange British Sci-Fi and fantasy shows that came on late at night on PBS, but as of late I have really dived in and found a treasure of occult themed tv shows that blew me way down the path of obsession! The visuals speak for themselves! Astral aesthetics!

And of course we must start with the godfather of British Astral TV... the good Dr. Who."

The Final Programme (1973)

Sapphire and Steel (1979-82)

Opening to Gothic soap opera, Strange Paradise

And a truly terrifying clip from the Christmas ghost story, The Signal Man
(PS... Just scared the crap out of me- seandonson).

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

check out "tomorrow people" - psychic teens who jump through space to help solve problems, and "terrahawks" my personal favorite english TV show ever...


Frasse said...

Compare that first picture to this one: