Thursday, October 23, 2008

Zombie on the Dancefloor

Well if you've been keeping up with the Halloween posts, you'll remember the Empire track I dropped on my first post. I was really holding out on you, cause I still got the goods. Again, I highly recommend summoning up a copy of this record if you can. Lot's of good gems on there. This one in particular stands out to me. On a side note, I highly recommend dedicating a night to Lucio Fulci's Zombie flicks. Zombi 2 or Zombie Flesh Eaters is my personal favorite. It also has one of the best horror soundtracks scored ever. Eat it up kiddies

Empire - Zombie

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Anonymous said...

This band is actually Methusalem under a different name. In fact, Methusalem's album "Journey Into The Unknown" was released as "First Album" under the Empire moniker.